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My road to good health has been long and difficult.   For twenty years I struggled with chronic headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, diverticulitis, IBS, and the depression and anxiety that accompany chronic illness.   After drastically changing my diet, reducing my toxic load, and starting a heavy supplement regimen, I began to feel better.   When I finally had more good days than bad I decided to start my own natural health consulting business.   I became passionate about helping others who were either stuck in the desperate pit of chronic illness, or walking alongside those who just want to learn how to live healthier.   I call my business A Good Day because that phrase has deep personal meaning to me.   Every night for years I would pray that the next day would be a good day.   I just wanted to feel GOOD.   My husband would often call and ask, “Is today a good day?”   Most days it was not.   Naming my business A Good Day is not only a declaration, it is also what I’d like to offer other people.  My fervent prayer is that my personal experience will allow me to help those of you who are also on a journey to find good health and wellness.  

One way I can help you is by becoming your Natural Health Consultant.  I would love to help guide and support you in the world of natural health.  I can help set you in the right direction, offer suggestions and teach you how to take control of your own health naturally.  This process is quite satisfying, exciting, and empowering.  I can help you figure out how to be free from the chemical based options our corner drugstores sell! 

I am overwhelmed with awe when I think about how God filled this world with plants that heal, restore balance, lift moods, and cleanse.  I am absolutely struck by the beauty and healing power of herbs.  I feel so blessed that my job is to talk about this everyday and share this amazing side of God’s creation with others.  It would be my joy and privilege if you allowed me to introduce you to the beauty of natural health. 


He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."    Mark 5:34